Buttocks Augmentation

Beautiful Buttocks Can be Yours

Do you feel unfeminine? Do you feel like an adolescent rather than a woman? You don’t have to settle for a flat, unattractive derrière.

No plastic implants – All natural and all yours!

At Smart Liposuction Houston, a patient’s fat cells are transferred from unsightly fatty deposits to their buttocks to create full luscious curves. The minimally invasive procedure is performed in the comfort and privacy of our in-office surgical suite using local anesthesia. Most patients return their normal activities in a few days. Surgery for saline or silicone implants requires general anesthesia, a hospital stay and extended recovery time.

Minimal scarring occurs because the instrument is about the same size as a strand of spaghetti. The result is the beautiful, natural backside you should have been born with.

Dr. James H. Kern is an established and experienced surgeon who is highly skilled in the use of Aqua Shape Body-Jet® water-assisted liposuction. In addition to buttocks augmentation, he also performs breast augmentation using the same techniques.

Come to us for SmartLipo, breast augmentation or buttocks augmentation in Houston!